Better Late Than Never

Evolution, not a revolution...

Born in St. Louis, MO, it wasn't until his early teens that he realized his love for music extended beyond spinning records on the stereo.  After picking up a guitar for the very first time, it became very apparent that a lifelong relationship had begun.

Like many of the musicians of the day, he began his musical journey in solitude learning one chord at a time of the front porch of the family's modest home. Raised by a single mother, there wasn't a lot of extra cash, so buying instruments took time and patience.

Eventually, learning to collaborate with others brought about a few garage bands that led to a few gigs that ignited the flame for performing and creating music.

Today, though he still plays in groups, he has concentrated his musical aspirations almost solely into songwriting and learning the craft. Today, he is also the President of the Minnesota Association of Songwriters, and is following his passion for helping others to develop their skillset and furthering their musical careers, whatever that path may be.